Whatsminer M30 series repair course

In 2020, with the release of the M30 series, MicroBT brought its most efficient model to the market to date. However, when the mining machine runs 24/7 for a long time, there will be common faults such as temperature sensor chip failure, hash board failure, and insufficient power supply of the chip. So how to properly troubleshoot and solve these faults? Whatsminer maintenance courses mainly include theoretical knowledge of hash board maintenance and troubleshooting ideas and demonstrations. We can keep miners up and running and profi if we properly troubleshoot and resolve these failures.

Common error codes in Microbit M31S running interface:

Error code: 540 541 542

Code meaning:

540: SM0 reading chip id error

541: SM1 reading chip id error

542: SM2 reading chip id error

If the running Whatsminer M31S displays the above error codes, we need to remove the hash board, then use the test fixture to detect and determine the fault, so as to repair the fault.

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