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— Why learn ASIC miner repair? —

As more and more people worldwide become aware of BTC, ETH, LTC and other virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies have been accepted and used for payment by more and more merchants. Therefore, there are more and more cryptocurrency mining farms around the world.

According to the incomplete statistics of ZEUS MINING's marketing department, the top three hashrate distribution of global ASIC miners are 37.84% in the United States, 21.11% in China, and 13.22% in Kazakhstan. With the large-scale export of ASIC miners to foreign countries, the ASIC hashrate distributed in China has begun to transfer globally.

With the increasing number of professional ASIC mining farms worldwide, the industry has an increasing demand for professional ASIC miner repair personnel. According to the incomplete statistics of ZEUS MINING's sales department, thousands of faulty hash boards accumulated in the three mining farms that we cooperate with in the United States, but there are very few professional maintenance men. The scarcity of ASIC repair men has led to higher and higher repair costs for hash boards. ZEUS MINING learned that the cost of repairing an Antminer S19 hash board in the United States had reached hundreds of dollars. The high repair cost has far exceeded that of mobile phone or computer repair. Therefore, more and more beginners who do not have the basics of miner maintenance want to systematically learn how to repair ASIC miners.
Why Choose ZMRC?

ZEUS MINING was established in 2016. For 6 years, ZEUS MINING has provided ASIC miner repair parts, repair tools and technical support to the world, organizing and sharing many maintenance guides for maintenance personnel. ZEUS MINING has been recognized and trusted by more and more maintenance personnel. Nowadays, how cultivating professional maintenance personnel has become a new mission of ZEUS MINING. In order to help more friends, ZEUS MINING has now launched a new course, ZEUS MINING ASIC MINER REPAIR COURSE, referred to as ZMRC. Everything we do is to make you a professional ASIC miner repair technician quickly. The ZMRC course is mainly to help more 0-based repair friends or someone wants to learn to quickly master the ASIC miner maintenance knowledge and skills of the whole system. If you can repair ASIC miners or understand some miner maintenance skills, when you have any questions about miner repair, you can also contact with the WhatsApp (+8618623251355) or Email ([email protected]) on our official website ( to get free technical support and consulting.

If you become our member, you can watch and learn all the ASIC miner repair courses; And ZMRC will provide you with online technical support for free, you can enjoy free programs and test files download forever. We will continue to update more repair manuals, course videos, etc. for new ASIC miners.

  • Online Repair Course

    Provide professional ASIC miner repair courses, starting from the basics, and strive to make anyone interested in ASIC miner repair mastered. Theory and practical operation are combined with each other, which is easy to learn.

  • Online technical support

    We are committed to providing efficient and accurate online technical support. If you have any questions during the learning process, you can communicate with our online repair staff to solve your questions in time.

  • Update miner course

    We will update the repair courses of the latest released miners in time, as well as some maintenance skills, including Antminer, Avalon, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, etc.

  • Remote Desktop

    ZMRC provides remote video and desktop support, making it easier to find faults, solve them quickly, and accelerate learning.

  • Experienced repair team

    We have an experienced and long-term practice repair team, which can provide you with online technical guidance for repairing hash boards, control boards, power supplies, etc. When necessary, we will also record demo videos for you.

  • Accessories and tools distribution

    We cooperate with a number of power supply, control board, IC chip and other manufacturers, and the supply is sufficient. Therefore, during the repair process, you can also distribute the repair parts and tools.

Who are these ASIC miner repair courses for?

For zero- based beginners

For those who want to find a job

For those who want to improve their ASIC miner repair skills

For those who want to manage the mining farm

What will you learn from these courses?

Quickly locate the fault on the hash board

Hash board chip soldering

Hash board power supply process diagnosis

Basic structure and working principle of ASIC miner hash board

Quickly replace the component accessories on the hash board

ASIC miner control board troubleshooting

Correctly interpret the ASIC miner kernel log

From zero to master the hash board repair, remote desktop technical guidance, after completing the course training, you will independently diagnose and repair ASIC miners. We provide lifelong service, as long as you have questions, we will answer you and provide technical support.
What can you do after finishing the learning?

According to research and statistics from the ZEUS MINING marketing department, learning and mastering ASIC miner maintenance technology is becoming a trend. The profitability in this industry is several times higher than that of repairing phones or computers.
So, after completing the ZMRC online training course and gaining proficiency in maintenance skills, what exactly can you do?

For Individuals:

Through these methods, you can make high profits, thereby improving the material conditions of you and your family, and enriching your life.
1. Maintenance miner at home
Provide repair services for individual miners, without the need to be away from your family.
All you need is basic repair tools, such as:
Antminer hash board repair: Investment cost approximately $800
Whatsminer hash board repair: Investment cost approximately $950
Miner PSU repair: Investment cost approximately $160
Don't worry, we will refer local customers to you and guide you on how to attract more clients.
2. Agent for sales of ASIC miner repair parts and tools
We will give you the best price, provide product introductions and usage video explanations.
3. Join affiliate marketing program
Earn high commissions by introducing the repair course to more people through simple sharing.
4. Apply to join a local mining farm or data processing center
Working as a full-time or part-time miner maintenance worker, and you can earn high wages.

For Enterprise (Mining farms or Repair centers):

1. Enroll the repair technicians in online courses:
Learn advanced repair methods for new miners, enhance their repair skills, reduce repair time, strengthen your reputation and cut down on maintenance costs.
2. Get favorable product quotes:
Take advantage of our most favorable product prices, allowing your business to achieve greater profits.

Additionally, we will showcase your repair center on our website, ensuring that more customers seeking services can easily find you.

What mining machine maintenance courses does ZMRC have?
As we all know, there are many miner brands on the market, such as Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, Innosilicon, Goldshell, etc. In order to help more friends learn the repair skill of these mining machines, ZMRC has prepared course videos for each series of each brand.
Here, ZMRC organizes the specific course catalog:
Circuit Basis Free Gift
Antminer S9 Series $299 Antminer L3 Series $299
Antminer 17 Series $399 Antminer 19 Series $699
Antminer L7 Series $399 Antminer D7 series $399
Antminer S19 XP $399 Antminer S19 Hydro $599
Whatsminer 20 Series $399 Whatsminer 30 Series $399
Whatsminer 50 Series $499
AvalonMiner 8 Series $299 AvalonMiner 9 Series $299
AvalonMiner 10 Series $399 AvalonMiner 11 Series $399
AvalonMiner 12 Series $399
Innosilicon T1 Series $199 Innosilicon T2 Series $199
Innosilicon T2T Series $299
Miner Control Board $399
Antminer PSU $699 Whatsminer PSU $699
Avalonminer PSU $399
Antminer full course $1099 Whatsminer full course $999
ZMRC's crypto miner repair training course has been praised by the students all the time, mastering professional skills, enriching life and enriching themselves. More and more friends believe in and choose ZMRC mining machine maintenance training courses.
ZEUS MINING is willing to work together to contribute to the ASIC miner repair and the development of cryptocurrency.