Antminer D7 DASH repair course

Antminer D7 miner is the king of mining DASH. It uses the X11 algorithm, has a maximum hashrate of 1.286Th/s, and a maximum power consumption of 3148W. It is an ASIC miner that can earn high profits. When the D7 mining machine runs for a long time, inevi failures will also occur, such as D7 hash board no hashing, missing chains, failure to achieve the ideal hash rate, etc. How to reduce profit losses caused by failures? Learn and master the Bitmain D7 hash board troubleshooting and repair methods, and be able to quickly self-repair the fault and restore normal operation. ZMRC is now launching a professional and comprehensive Antminer D7 hash board maintenance training course, which can not only solve downtime failures, but also save maintenance and time costs.

If Bitmian D7 runs abnormally, one hash board does not workinglack of Chain, the kernel log will prompt the following faults. Learn the relevant course to quickly repair and restore profitability.

Fault 1: chain=0 msg="ChipSetting_get_addr_DASH detect 0 chips"

Use the test fixture to test hash board and study the related video:

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4. LDO powering domain voltage and signals on Antminer D7 hash board

Fault 2: chain=0 msg="ChipSetting_get_addr_DASH detect X chips"

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1. LDO powering domain voltage and signals on Antminer D7 hash board

Attention: The number "X" can be any number, meaning failed to find all ASIC chips, or ASICNG

Fault 3: ERROR_TEMP_TOO_HIGH: over max temp

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