Frequently Asked Question

  • Q1

    How to start learning ASIC miner repair course?

    1Go to the login page and register an account. Then login your account.

    2Enter the personal center, and self-prepare the repair tools and accessories needed during the learning process according to the recommended tool list.

    3Please submit your personal information on the right.

    4Go to the payment page, select the course (if you have obtained a discount code, check "I have a discount code" and enter it), then choose the payment method you are interested in, complete the payment and upload the payment screenshot, and wait for ZMRC confirmation.

    5After the account is approved by ZMRC, you can go to the My Course page to view the course list and start learning, or select a course in the Course navigation and start learning.

    6When you encounter questions or repair problems, you can consult the tutor and get support. We have WhatsApp or online consultation, just click on the method you are interested in.

    7Completing the learning content, enter the My course page, you can take an assessment; If passed, please apply for the certificate of completion.

  • Q2

    What can I do after completing the ASIC miner repair course?

    1You can apply to be displayed on our excellent technician page, so that more mining farm administrators or repair center owners can know you.

    2Now there is a shortage of miner repair personnel in the world, you can also find your own job and start repairing hash boards to make a profit.

  • Q3

    What support can ZMRC provide me in the later stage?

    When you become our member, we will provide you with online technical support for life, and you can enjoy free program download forever. We will continue to update more repair manuals, course videos, etc. for new ASIC miners. What's more, if you need to buy miners, repair parts or tools, we will also provide better prices.

  • Q4

    If I have no repair experience, is this ASIC repair course right for me?

    Our ASIC repair course will start with the most basic circuit knowledge, and then go on to explain every miner model of every brand, and provide professional online skill consultation to help you from beginner to professional repair master.

  • Q5

    What repair parts and tools can ZMRC provide?

    Since its establishment, our company has provided global customers with ASIC miner accessories (ASIC chips, Antminer power supplier, control boards, water cooling kits, various cables for miners, cooling fans, etc.) and miner maintenance tools (test fixtures, desoldering stations, heat guns, hash board code editor, solder paste, repair bundle, etc.).

  • Q6

    Payment method?

    Our payment methods are: BTC, USDT, Paypal, Wire Transfer, etc. You can choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment.

  • Q7

    Shipment time and location?

    We will ship within 1-5 days after you complete the payment, if the product you purchased is out of stock in our warehouse, the delivery date will be delayed, but usually it will be shipped within 7 days.
    We support shipping to any country or region in the world.

  • Q8

    Delivery time and method?

    In general, the delivery time is 5-7 days, but the arrival time depends on the shipping method and logistics company.
    Generally, we will use air transportation first, but if not allowed by air transportation regulations, we will use other transportation methods.