Antminer L3 series repair course

Bitmain Antminer L3 L3+, as a pioneer mining rig for mining Litecoin, is very common in many mining farms and individual miners. The miner has been out of the factory and running for a long time, causing many L3 L3+ hash boards to fail. Therefore it is very important to properly fix the Antminer L3 L3+ hash board. Antminer L3 series online maintenance training courses lead the maintenance rookie to quickly and accurately understand the L3+ hash board structure, the powering principle and process, and troubleshooting steps for its common faults, making him a professional skilled repair master.

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  • Antminer L3+ Hash Board Repair Tutorial

    Antminer L3+ Hash Board Repair Tutorial

    Antminer L3+ hash board is the hash board that miner maintenance personnel repair a lot. When troubleshooting the L3+ hash board, our idea is to first check whether the main powering, domain powering, boost circuit and LDO powering are normal, and then check whether the voltages of its 5 signals are normal, and finally check its temperature sensing circuit. This video tutorial will explain the troubleshooting principle in detail.
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