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How much does the ASIC miner repair training course cost?

Welcome to the payment page of ZMRC. The price of our course membership is $9477. In order to help more friends quickly master the skills of miner maintenance, now launched a special discounted price: $1799. After completing the payment and becoming our member, you will get the following benefits:

1. Watch and learn the miner maintenance course videos produced by ZMRC, including Antminer, Avalon, Whatsminer, Innosilicon and other miners. We will also update more brands of miner repair courses for members and friends in real time.

2. ZMRC not only provides online consultation for students during the learning process, but also provides technical support and remote guidance for students after completing their studies.

3. Download test files and software shared by ZMRC for free.

4. If students need to purchase accessories or tools for miner maintenance, ZMRC will provide the lowest price in China to bring you high-quality products.

5. In addition, students can also watch more troubleshooting ideas, product and software usage method videos continuously updated by ZMRC for free.

6. When students complete their studies and become senior maintenance engineers, ZMRC can also provide students with website building guides to help local people who need maintenance to quickly and accurately find maintenance points, thereby making profits.

7. For all beginner students, ZMRC will provide free soldering practice materials, including soldering practice boards and supporting components.

How to complete the payment?

1. ZMRC provides two modes of course selection, choose one you want to learn: A full set of repair courses, or a certain series of miner repair course for a certain brand. (Circuit Basics is a free given course)
Full Set of Repair Course - $1799
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2. ZMRC have the following payment methods, choose the appropriate payment method and finish it.

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Other payments

3. After completing the payment, please screenshot and upload the payment voucher, the picture must including your wallet address and the transfer time.
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4. Waiting for ZMRC to confirm the payment.
5. After the payment certificate is successfully confirmed, we can start the ASIC miner repair course training, or consult technical questions and get support at any time, or download test files and software for free.

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