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Bitcoin Mining Site Manager

United States of America


Job details



Estimated: $80 - 100k Annually

Contact information
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Job description

As the site manager, you will be responsible for leading a talented team of employees and creating a productive and efficient mining facility. Additionally, you will drive a culture of professionalism and operational excellence, fostering an environment  people love to work and build their careers.

You should possess good communication skills, excellent organizational abilities, a broad understanding of business functions, and experience in project management. You must also have a solid grasp of the technical aspects of cryptocurrency mining, support day-to-day business operations, ensure the efficient operation of facilities, mitigate risks, and ensure that the mining operations are running at full capacity.

From new-generation immersion cooling mining rigs to sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems, you will work with some of the most advanced equipment available in the field. This is not your run-of-the-mill management job; it's a chance to work with cutting-edge technology and make a real impact in an industry that is changing the world.


Lead the site's mining operations team, which operates 247, to achieve operational excellence and comply with SLAs.

Hire, onboard, develop, and manage a talented Site Operations team. Provide coaching and feedback to all team members to assist them in fulfilling their professional responsibilities and achieving their goals.

Oversee the entire asset lifecycle management process, from the arrival at the Data Center to retirement.

Manage operations with the goal of achieving deliverables within the operational budget.

Supervise safety training to continually educate and evolve the team, ensuring that employees adhere to safety rules and procedures.

Develop performance goals and objectives for the Data Center's ongoing improvement and evolution.

Support the development and maintenance of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and EOPs (Emergency Operation Procedures).

Assist in the integration of product automation and provide support to the Product Development Team.

Define, maintain, and enforce performance metrics in all aspects of the Data Center.

Ensure timely and accurate equipment repairs.

Ensure that employees receive proper training and understand how to complete their assigned tasks.


Minimum Qualifications; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Experience with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure.

Project management experience.

Good understanding of Network, Electrical, Mechanical, and building systems.

Proficient with Web-Based Programs, Excel, and Word Processing.

3 years in the technology field.

Management experience.

Preferred Qualifications; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Strong interpersonal skills.

Excellent communication skills.

Good problem-solving skills.

Highly organized.

Strong leadership and team-building skills.

Flexible and fluid personality to adapt and adjust to the fast pace of a startup technology company.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Works well with others.

Strong work ethic.

Ability to commute/relocate.