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ZEUS MINING has been serving the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. This year, we also opened a repair course for training professional miner repair talents and provided maintenance technicians to the industry. Therefore, by posting job information for free, you can gain a lot of exposure, ensure that your job is seen by more suitable people, and save time and energy for your recruitment.
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Data Center Technician

United States of America


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Job description

We are recruiting qualified data center technicians in the Fort Stockton, TX area to support unique data center environments. Responsibilities of this role include working with other technicians to install, maintain, and repair cryptocurrency miners and facility equipment under the supervision of a team leader.

Applicants should have a passion for technology and possess a broad range of facility maintenance skills, from cable management to electronics repair. General electrical knowledge, mechanical knowledge and computer assembly experience preferred. No experience with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is required.


1. Install and maintain common data center assets, including servers and software;

2. Provide troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for ASIC mining equipment;

3. Prepare ASIC mining equipment for repair; restore repaired mining rigs to operational condition;

4. Complete regular inspections, inventory tracking and log system checks;

5. Maintenance records and event logs;

6. Shipping and receiving equipment;

7. Rack and mounting equipment;

8. Respond promptly to service questions and requests;

9. Communicate daily with field teams.


Minimum qualifications:

Professional look

Authorized to work in the United States

A license or permit to drive in your area

Time management and organizational skills

Dependable, dependable and detail oriented

Ability to prioritize tasks based on operational needs

Ability to work in changing climates

Priority qualifications:

Experience troubleshooting common computer hardware (CPU, motherboard, memory, network, fans, etc.)

Experience with network cabling (Ethernet, fiber optic, etc.)

Experience maintaining and monitoring network infrastructure

General physical requirements for data center operations:

Ability to walk long distances and negotiate uneven terrain when necessary

Ability to work in noisy environments with changing temperatures

Ability to operate hand tools and equipment

Ability to reach and stretch to position equipment and fixtures

Ability to manipulate thin wires and switches

Ability to exert muscular force on equipment and fixtures

Ability to push or pull heavy objects place

Ability to manually lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds.