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ZEUS MINING has been serving the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. This year, we also opened a repair course for training professional miner repair talents and provided maintenance technicians to the industry. Therefore, by posting job information for free, you can gain a lot of exposure, ensure that your job is seen by more suitable people, and save time and energy for your recruitment.
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Chief Technician

United States of America


Job details


40 hours per week hours

Estimated: $40,000 - $45,000 a year

Contact information
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Job description

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Chief Technician to oversee our hardware maintenance operations and ensure our equipment is running smoothly and efficiently, with a special focus on Bitcoin miners. The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying and resolving hardware issues, maintaining optimal operating conditions at our facilities, and providing guidance to internal and external service technicians.

Obligations and responsibilities:

Problem Identification: Combining experience and technical knowledge to quickly identify the root cause of part or equipment failure.

Repair and Disassembly: Utilize schematics, diagnostics, and manuals to guide the entire process and determine the appropriate methods needed to disassemble and repair defective or worn parts.

Coordinate with Service Technicians: Assists and directs external service technicians during internal service and repair activities, ensuring all operations are performed efficiently and effectively.

Equipment Inspections: Periodically inspect existing equipment to assess its condition and recommend necessary corrective actions to prevent downtime and extend equipment life.

Time and feasibility estimates: Estimate the time required and evaluate the feasibility of repairing or replacing defective items, prioritizing actions based on operational needs.

Cross-Department Collaboration: Work closely and communicate effectively with other departments to ensure a consistent approach to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Use of precision instruments: Use precision instruments according to the needs of diagnosis and maintenance to ensure the accuracy of all technical activities.

Team Support: Provides support to team members as needed to create a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Flexibility: Ability to work outside of normal business hours, including weekend shifts, to ensure continued operational efficiency.

Bitcoin Mining Machine Experience: Experience maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting Bitcoin mining machines is essential for this position.


As a technician who specializes in hardware maintenance, has extensive experience and has specific expertise in Bitcoin mining machines.

In-depth understanding of hardware systems, including the ability to read schematics and effectively use diagnostic tools.

Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure.

Strong communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to lead and guide the work of others.

Ability to have the flexibility to work in a dynamic environment and adapt to shifts.

Technical certification or diploma in related field preferred.

What we offer:

Competitive salary and benefits package.

Opportunities for professional growth and development within the company.

A dynamic and challenging work environment your skills are highly valued and rewarded.