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ZEUS MINING has been serving the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. This year, we also opened a repair course for training professional miner repair talents and provided maintenance technicians to the industry. Therefore, by posting job information for free, you can gain a lot of exposure, ensure that your job is seen by more suitable people, and save time and energy for your recruitment.
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Field Technician - Bitcoin Mining Operations

United States of America


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Job description

We are looking for a highly skilled and dedicated field technician to support and maintain the Gigabit Bitcoin Mining Facility during night operations. This position involves hands-on technical work ensuring our ASIC miners continue to operate.


Ensure optimal performance of your mining hardware with proactive support and maintenance

Work flexibly across locations to adapt to the needs of each location

Commitment to working shifts, including long hours and weekends

Provide on-call support to troubleshoot and restart natural gas generators as needed


Willingness and ability to travel

Ability to work independently in remote, off-grid locations

Excellent problem-solving skills and keen eye for detail

Strong commitment to safety protocols and procedures

Flexibility to work long hours, including weekends, as part of a shift work schedule

1-3 years of mining operation experience


Have a strong passion for Bitcoin and the mining industry

Oil and Gas Experience

Mechanical and electrical equipment experience


Subsidized health, dental and vision insurance

A dynamic and challenging work environment at the cutting edge of Bitcoin mining technology

Competitive salary that reflects the demanding nature of the role

Opportunities for professional growth and development within a rapidly growing company