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ZEUS MINING has been serving the cryptocurrency industry for 7 years. This year, we also opened a repair course for training professional miner repair talents and provided maintenance technicians to the industry. Therefore, by posting job information for free, you can gain a lot of exposure, ensure that your job is seen by more suitable people, and save time and energy for your recruitment.
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Recruitment positions

Junior Cryptocurrency Miner Technician

United Kingdom


Job details


8 hour shift hours

Estimated: $3,400 -

Contact information
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Job description

Company Profile

A crypto mining in Canada. We provide operation and maintenance services for different brands of mining machines. We are now establishing a new area.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Check and record the status and condition of the machine, and report and solve common problems when necessary.

2. Assist in establishing the cryptocurrency mining sector, such as mobile device and small device installations.

Required Skills and Experience

1. Ability to comfortably use power tools and other equipment and move heavy objects

2. Applicants who are interested in cryptocurrency market and blockchain trends will be given priority

3. Applicants with practical experience in computer hardware and software are preferred

4. Preference will be given to those who are bilingual and can speak Mandarin

Job type: Permanent, Part-time, Full-time

Salary: Starting at $3,400.00 per month

Shift: 8 hour shift

Supplementary salary type: Bonus

Education: DCS/DEC (preferred)