Whatsminer Power Supply Test Firmware File

Whatsminer power supply test firmware file can be used to test and repair Whatsminer PSU.

1 Introduction:

A. Firmware version: whatsminer-testpower-20220420.bin

B. Applicable Whatsminer power supply models: Whatsminer PSU P21, P21D, P21E, P221C, P222C, P221B, P222B

C. Model of the control board of the test fixture: H3, H6OS, H616

2. Test software: WhatsMinerTool 8.1.30

3. Download the power test firmware, use the test software (WhatsMinerTool 8.1.30) to scan the control board IP, then ✔IP, click "Upgrade"-" File"-"Start Upgrade" in turn.

After the upgrade is complete, you need to check and confirm whether the version information has changed to "20220420".

4. Connect the power supply and control board, then plug in the network cable.

5. Apply power to the PSU and check the voltage.

6. Power off, replace the next PSU to be tested, and then repeat steps 4 and 5 above.

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File: Whatsminer Power Supply Test Firmware File