Antminer PICKit3.5 Programmer Burning Software

The online debugging PICKit3.5 programmer with firmware self-recovery function can be used to re-program the PIC file of the hash board with the programming software. If the data of the PIC chip is damaged or lost, the hash board will not work, which will cause the entire miner to fail to operate normally and make profits.

How to use the PICKit3.5 burning software to burn the pic file of the antminer hash board?

1. Prepare a PICKit 3.5 programmer.

2. Install the burning driver (MPLABX-v3.10-windows-installer.exe) on the computer, as shown in the figure below after the installation is complete:

3. Set up the programming software. As shown in the figure below,  PIC12F1572 as Device, and then click Apply.

4. Click File→Import→Hex in turn to find the program storage disk.

5.  the corresponding program, open it and enter the next interface, then  Setting→advanced mode.

6. Enter the password “microchip” to enter the advanced settings.

7. Make settings as shown below.

8. Confirm that the PICKit 3.5 programmer is properly connected to the computer.

9. At this point, the hash board does not need to be powered on, and connect the white triangle on the programmer to the P1 position of the hash board.

10. Click Connect, MPLAB IPE warning check appears, click "OK" directly.

11. Ok, now you can click Program to start burning.

Attention: Different PIC chips need to set different voltages.

PIC16F1704 chip: voltage 3.3V.

PIC16F1705 chip: voltage 4.8V.

PIC12F1572 chip: voltage 3.3V.

When burning the next PCBA continuously, connect the programmer to the hash board correctly and click Program to burn.

12. Click Read to view the programming information.

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