Antminer S9 Hash Board Temperature Files

The Antminer S9 hashboard has three different versions of temperature files. When testing the hashboard, if the wrong temperature file is used, the test may not be able to proceed smoothly.

If the test fixture shows: Cannot open the kernel log to change to the next voltage and frequency, the temperature file needs to be changed.

When you download this S9 hash board temperature file, there will be 3 versions, we need to replace one by one and try the correct one.

For example:

Copy the two files of "Temperature sensor profile-411C" to the TF card of the test fixture and replace. If the test fixture can test the S9 hash board normally at this time, it means that it is the correct version; if it still does not work, please copy the two files in "Temperature sensor profile-A" and replace, and so on, until you try to find the correct version.

Notice: these files can only replace the temperature sensor files in the S9 test fixture, other fixture programs cannot use them.

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File: Antminer S9 Hash Board Temperature Files